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The THRIVE Approach.

THRIVE supports female visual artists around the world by providing the community and accountability necessary to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. We do this through membership in our THRIVE Mastermind Program and the THRIVE Network. Our motto is to make art, meet your people and do the work!

At THRIVE, we use an inclusive definition of the terms “woman” and “female”. We welcome trans and cis women as well as genderqueer, and non-binary people.

THRIVE Connects Artists - Being an artist doesn’t have to be so lonely. Incredible things happen when women are supported by the collective intelligence of a likeminded group.

Women Supporting Women - Unfortunately, inequality exists in the art world in various forms. THRIVE members choose to support each other and not to compete. We are in this together.

Giving & Receiving - THRIVE members come together with an open mind to be generous with their knowledge, experiences, stories and kindness.

THRIVE Network Membership✨

Connect With Like-Minded Artists.

200+ Members | 24/7 Access | $25USD/month

With over 200 THRIVE members, the THRIVE Network is a great way to connect with working artists from all over the world. Our easy to use platform is exclusive to THRIVE and our members. We meet every week live to learn together and support one another. You will experience community, content, and conversations you can’t find anywhere else. You will meet other like-minded working artists to share your experiences with; make better, more well-informed decisions about your art practice and business. It is also a space to find a little inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and different perspectives every day.

You Will Have Access To:

  • A resource library including a checklist of highly suggested components to work on to help build your art business and art practice.
  • Opportunities to connect with over 300 like-minded working artist professionals.
  • Tips, resources and information to take your art practice to the next level.
  • Opportunities to share residencies, submissions, art shows and more.
  • Questions, tips and resources on marketing, finances, and all things related to your art business.

Live weekly sessions!

Let’s have tea together!

Tea Time is a live weekly session on the THRIVE Network hosted by the founder of THRIVE- Jamie Smith. Every Tuesday, Jamie explores a topic that relates to the business of art or art making. There is small group work, special guests and more. It feels like the THRIVE Talks Podcast but live!!

Members can join Jamie live every Tuesday from 10am-11am PST or watch the recorded replay. Let’s make the art world a little less lonely.

What's Included?

The Network Resource Library:

Our exclusive 'How-to' guide is designed to answer your questions around the following topics:                                                           

  • Artist Checklist
  • Website
  • Artist Statment & Bio
  • Artist CV
  • Newsletter
  • Pricing
  • Networking
  • Money & Sales
  • Commissions
  • Public Speaking
  • Art Residencies
  • Self Care
  • Art Galleries
  • Murals...& More

What are we looking for in members? 

We are looking for artists who are committed to their art, building community, and supporting women. If this is you, please join us!

Every time you contribute here you’re building a knowledge base every member of this community can tap into. And when you support other artists, you are truly fuelling an important movement! It doesn’t get any better than that.

What is the commitment for membership?

At THRIVE we know that people show up and participate differently when they invest financially in themselves and their practice.
We offer a paid membership of either $24.99 USD monthly or $299.99 USD annually.

THRIVE Network ✨

At a Glance! 

Our goal since 2015 has been to create a community where artists come together with an open mind to be generous with their knowledge, experiences, stories and kindness. Now, with over 200 members in THRIVE, we are so lucky to have such a collective to learn from. 

Here are a few snapshots to help you visualize the community, content, and conversations on the THRIVE Network platform.

✨ Receive first-hand updates on art calls for submission and exhibitions from members.


✨ Enjoy promo codes to select workshops and events to help develop your art practice and business.


 Ask questions and receive thoughtful advice from like-minded working artists.


 Get informed of tried and true resources that will help you stay more efficient.


✨ ...And finally, feel connected and supported!


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